Wine and vine cultivation, a long history connected with the history of the Château...

Overlooking the beautiful Layon River Valley, Chateau de la Genaiserie is located in the heart of Anjou in Saint Aubin de Luigné. Anchored on a vast schist and sandstone plateau, vines and winegrowing have always been closely linked to the history of this grand 18 th century chateau. La Genaiserie “possessed gardens, woods, springs, and vines during the 17 th century”, according to the writings of Abby Louis Coudrin.


La Genaiserie, a destiny closely related to the French Revolution...

The stately chateau was built in the pure Angevin bourgeois style around 1783, just before the onset of the French Revolution. The owner, Mr. de Bellefonds, former officer in the Médoc regiment and fervent royalist, left his wife and children at the beginning of the Revolution to join up with the Condé army.

Upon his return in 1800, he found his home and vines in a pitiful condition. The property had been ransacked by the troops. He then set about the immense task of reconstructing his home and expanding his vineyard.


Frédéric Julia has the aim to make La Genaiserie one of the most renowned Loire wine...

Seduced by the charm and austerity of the chateau, the international acclaim of the wines, and the fabulous potential of the soils on which the vines are planted, Frédéric Julia bought the estate in June 2003 with one ambition in mind : make it one of the most renowned references for Loire Valley wines.

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